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Access Statement For Lakeside Guest Accommodation

The Lodge, Barnsdale

North Shore, Rutland Water. RUTLAND LE15 8AB

We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home based, 4 bedroom bed and breakfast guest accommodation. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help. 01572 722422 07711 182853 or call upstairs at any time.

o There is a bus stop 400 metres from the entrance at the top of the road at the junction on the A606.
o The main train station is 15 minutes away by car situated in Oakham.
o We have a website with photographs of each guest room, all on the ground floor.
o You can contact us via phone or email (details below)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
o There is free car parking on the gravel drive neighboring the B&B and the road alongside the premises.
o Assistance with luggage is offered to all guests.
o The entrance is accessed along gravel paths with seating area through the guest garden, where there is one step with a threshold into the guest dining room. The paths are lit by solar powered lights at night.

We apologise that no pets are allowed.

Main Entrance & Reception
o Entrance is into guest dining area and reception.
o Staff are on duty from 5.30pm through the night and till 12.30pm unless by arrangement.
o Guests are escorted to rooms and facilities explained.
o Corridors include local pictures and history of the building, contrasting colours on walls.

Public Areas - General (Internal)
o Guest dining room, corridors and guest bedrooms have fitted carpets. Bathrooms 3 tiled 1 carpeted.

Public Areas - WC
o Guest bedrooms have private en-suite wc wash basin & shower with one additional W.C and shower room near kitchen area.


Dining Room
o Breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor.
o Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request.
o Rectangle table has underspace of 67cm high (legs on each corner). There are chairs with and without arms which can be moved.
o We do not play background music in any area of the B&B but can on request. Low volume radio music may be played at breakfast time.
o Full waiter service is available.
o Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and all other diets catered for.
o The bed and breakfast is no smoking throughout the inside of the premises. Outside the downstairs lounge there is an area for guests to relax.

o Drying facilities provided in utility room situated near the kitchen area.

o All 4 bedrooms are on the ground floor, with a secure lockable doors and windows. All rooms have private ensuite facilities and tea & Coffee making facilities, mains water is drinkable.
o Television in guest lounge only has remote controls with freeview.
o A bell is provided in the outside porch to call for assistance.
o Carpets are all fitted short pile, with tiled floors in most bathrooms.
o Lights are fitted with low energy bulbs and 2 rooms have dimmer switches for overhead lighting. The 4 poster room has a double four poster bed with good access from both sides and views of the lake from 2 sides, the Garden and Laurel rooms have 1 double bed and 1 single bed  and the twin room has 2 standard single beds.


4 poster Ensuite
o Door width 75cm, inward opening with wide access
o The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 14cm high.
o The basin has clear underspace. It is 60cm high.
o  The toilet is 46cm high
o Good colour contrast of floors and white tiles. Carpeted floor.
o Main radiator to 120cm to the left of bed is 65cm high.


Laurel Room

o One double bed and one single bed with ensuite.

o Door width 75cm, inward opening with wide access

o One double and one single bed with ensuite.

O The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 14cm high.
o The basin has clear underspace. It is 60cm high.
o  The toilet is 46cm high
o Good colour contrast of floors and tiles.


Rose Twin

o Two single beds with ensuite

o Door width 75cm, inward opening with wide access

O The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 14cm high.
o The basin has clear underspace. It is 60cm high.
o  The toilet is 46cm high
o Good colour contrast of floors and tiles.


Garden Room

o One double bed and one single bed with ensuite.

o Door width 75cm, inward opening with wide access

O The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 14cm high.
o The basin has clear underspace. It is 60cm high.
o  The toilet is 46cm high
o Good colour contrast of floors and tiles.

Space for ‘put up bed for extra person’


-       All pictures of the rooms can be seen on the website at


-       Attractions include Rutland Water which has many leisure activities from walking and cycling to wind surfing and fishing.

-       Lakeside B&B is approx 20 metres from the lake shore with easy access along road and cycle track.

-       World class birdwatching with the new Osprey Centre.

-       Many historic buildings and gardens including the world famous “Geoff Hamilton's Gardens”.

-       Many museums and galleries.

-       Shopping and markets.


-       Tourist guide can be found at

-       Page link:

Additional Information

-       Fridge facilities by arrangement are available in the kitchen adjoining reception downstairs.

-        Lockable room or covered area available for cycles by arrangement.

-        Freezing facilities available for fishermen by arrangement.

Contact Information



Lakeside B&B
The Lodge Barnsdale

Rutland Water, North Shore



LE15 8AB

Telephone: 01572-722422    24 hour mobile 07711 182853

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01572722422 or email

Created on: 17/07/2008

Updated 10/02/2012


  1.                                Risk Assessment – Record of significant findings

    Risk assessment for: Lakeside B&B

    Building: 2 storey detached

    Location: The Lodge Barnsdale

    Rutland Water, North Shore


    Rutland UK

    LE15 8AB

    Assessment undertaken by:

    Alexander Waddington

    Date: 16/7/11

    Completed by: R M Waddington

    Text Box:




    Sheet number Floor/area: Ground floor


    Step 1 – Identify fire hazards

    Sources of ignition


    Cigarette lighters



    Gas cookers

    Wire and cable

    White goods-

    hair dryers, tv, stand alone radiators.




    Fire place

    Sources of fuel


    Flammable chemical











    Sources of oxygen


    natural airflow

    natural airflow


    natural airflow through doors, windows and other openings





    surrounding airflow and chimney

    Step 2 – People at risk




    People asleep

    People with disabilities

    Parents with children;

    People in the immediate vicinity of the premises

    People who are sensorial impaired due to alcohol or medication



    Step 3 – Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk

    (3.    Evaluate the risk of the fire occurring










    (3.    Evaluate the risk to people from a fire starting in the premises










    (3.    Remove and reduce the hazards that may cause a fire



















    (3.4) Remove and reduce the risks to people from a fire




    Cigarette materials may not properly extinguished,

    gas cookers may be poorly maintained or left on by accident,

    electrical appliances may have poorly maintained wires which could produce spark's,

    washing machine could blow a fuse,

    candles could be accidentally blown or knocked over,

    Fire place could sparks of embers which could burn if not properly extinguished,

    arsonist could burn out side bins near flammable sources.


    Conduction – all of the handles are made of metal which conducts heat. Most of the time all doors are shut which reduces the toxic fumes from any fire hazards forming.

    There is a controlled amount of people inside the B&B which is a maximum of ten guests.

    Risk is lowered by installed fire detectors. As well as many exits points throughout the building.








    Wires/Cabling/Electrics/white goods well maintained, modern and with low amp fuses, main fuel box has trip switches in case of power surges.

    No smoking policy in any indoor area with signs throughout, designated outdoor smoking area with non flammable cigarette disposal receptical.

    Indoor log burning stove lit with safety match, concrete and bricks all round and has a fireproof glass door and smoke detector in lounge.

    Gas cooker used by employees only, there is a fire extinguisher and fire blanket nearby.

    Scented candle in shop bought container, smoke alarm in same area.

    Boiler thermostat set at safe level, also there is a fire protective barrier by the warm areas.

    Arsonists, double glazed lockable windows, front door locked at night, bins are placed within reasonable distance from house.






    At any stage of there being a fire downstairs there are four fire alarms which are located in the dining room, lounge and the hall way leading to three guest bedrooms which are properly maintained, upstairs there is one fire alarm in the hallway which leads to most of the rooms, in the kitchen there is a fire extinguisher and a fire proof mat which smoothers the flames. There is a fire notice in all the rooms that states what happens in case of a fire, it states the exits, where the smoke detectors are located, states designated smoking areas, meeting point incase of fire, in case of a power cut there are flash lights available in every room- in an emergency there are phone numbers available. The floor area of the house is approximately 272m2 .

    designated places to go /collection point escape areas

    all guest rooms are on ground floor level, there are 3 exits available to escape, dining hall double doors- lounge door- french door- front door and back door at the back of the kitchen. In extreme emergency is possible through ground floor windows.

    There are designated areas for the guest to go when the fire alarms go off.





    Assessment review

    Assessment/review date  08/02/2012


    Completed by

    R Waddington

    Text Box:





    Review outcome (where substantial changes have occurred a new record sheet should be used)  no substantial changes noted.


    (1) The risk assessment record of significant findings should refer to other plans, records or other documents as necessary.

    (2) The information in this record should assist you to develop an emergency plan; co-ordinate measures with other ‘responsible persons’ in the building; and to inform and train staff and inform other relevant persons.